5 Basic Differences between Cargo Expedition and Regular Expedition

In the era of large activities like today, goods delivery or delivery services are very much needed by many people. This has made many shipping industries appear that were born in the last few years. In the past, people sent objects the conventional way using animal power, and it took weeks to arrive at their destination.

The following are some of the usual methods of shipping goods, whether it’s shipping goods abroad or also shipping goods accompanied by a ship agency, which are generally used. The method, of course, was inaugurated with the aim of facilitating the delivery of the object itself. And avoid the formation of various things that are not desirable.

Until today’s modern era has used soaring planes, which only in a period of 1 day your objects can get to the destination position even though the distance is thousands of km. It means for you to know that the basic delivery service consists of 2 types.

Is a cargo delivery service and regular delivery. If you are currently planning to bring an object, then you need to follow this note until it runs out so you can choose which delivery service suits your needs. Then what are the comparisons of cargo shipping and regular shipping?

1. Tariff

The question of asking for browsing fees is a very critical thing for customers. Everyone certainly wants an economical fee. So which is the more economical shipping fee between cargo shipping and regular shipping?. If you look at the perkilo fee, then cargo shipping is more economical, and regular shipping is much more expensive.

But you need to understand, cargo shipping is not very heavy in each shipment, on the other hand regular shipping is not. This means that if you send an object under the weight regulation of cargo shipping, it will always be counted as heavy, not shipping the object. On the other hand, regular shipping welcomes voyages of any weight.

2. Minimum Weight

As explained above, regular shipping does not have a minimum shipping weight, on the other hand cargo shipping has. For example, cargo shipping ends with an absolute weight of 50kg or 100kg. Therefore, if you send a light object or under 50kg, you will be charged a 50kg object fee. On the other hand, regular deliveries accept the lightest weight of your item and multiplied by the fee or kilograms.

3. Item Type

Cargo exploration often welcomes objects with large quantities or heavy objects. Because the delivery of goods ends in very immaterial weight, the illustration is 50kg. Some of the goods that are often sent using freight are cars, motorcycles, furniture, main materials, factory materials and others. On the other hand, regular deliveries often welcome the exploration of small items such as clothes, shoes, deeds, toys, etc.

4. Branch Office

Regular browsing has agents scattered in so many areas, especially in small towns. On the other hand, cargo shipping only has agents in several big cities. That’s because the number of customers carrying small objects is much more than heavy objects.

Therefore, the regular delivery service felt the need to open many agents in so many areas. The agency’s office is also useful for storing and transporting items sent to the city. On the other hand, cargo shipments often work similarly to vendors or third parties in handling goods that have arrived at the distribution city to be delivered to the destination city.

5. Delivery Duration

If you send a heavy object such as furniture out of town which is thousands of km away, at an economical price then it demands for up to 1 or 2 days, then you will be rejected by any delivery service. Especially by cargo delivery services, because cargo shipping uses a fleet of ships and trucks for large objects. It is possible to use air cargo, but the cost will be very large.

On the other hand, a fleet of trucks and ships takes at least 4 to 15 days to arrive at their respective destinations. Moreover, ships often have an agenda of going only 2 times a week. Until when you send heavy objects, you can’t demand a lightning duration of exploration.

On the other hand, for regular delivery services, if you send small items, until the next day they will be sent directly to their destination on the day of the activity. Because the majority of regular shipments use a fleet of soaring aircraft in pouring their shipments. Therefore, the duration of delivery will be shorter compared to cargo shipping services.

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