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A Man Checking Online Ads

Constantly Monitor Where Your Ads Appear

Martin Sorrell, CEO of British multinational advertising and public relations company WPP, has called out two of the biggest tech companies in the world, Facebook and Google, for their need to “step up” in deleting extremist content posted using their […]

A businessman studying at his home

Enhancing Your Knowledge as a Businessman

For a company to succeed, its owner must consistently learn to provide new knowledge to its people and discover new strategies for its business. Some entrepreneurs, however, find it difficult to invest in education due to their busy schedules—that shouldn’t […]


Turning Your Passion into Profits Online

What do Justin Bieber, PewDePie, and Amanda Hocking have in common? They’re millionaires who started their careers online. Bieber became famous after a talent manager discovered his videos on the Internet. PewDePie created YouTube videos of him playing video games, […]