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What is Our Mission?

Independence Chamber’s goal is to become a trusted and authoritative provider of business and marketing related content online. As such, we are committed to keeping readers up-to-date with fresh news about business tactics, strategies, and trends. As a magazine written by journalists, marketers, and business leaders, Independence Chamber aims to inspire audiences and get them to reinvent the future of business.

Who is Our Website For?

Our magazine offers a broad scope of business and marketing content geared towards owners, managers and employees of small to medium-size businesses. The publication is useful for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about marketing and the business industry in general. In fact, marketing professionals and business owners recommend us to readers as a trusted and reliable source of industry information.

What is Our Blog About?

Independence Chamber delivers timely news about effective business practices, succession planning methods, emerging trends, and corporate value preservation efforts that help businesses flourish.

Apart from giving readers practical business advice, we also want them to stay up-to-date in other areas of business, including technology, transportation, fashion, and health. Ultimately, these factors could change the outcome of the entire business industry — and we want to keep our readers aware of everything that happens along the way.