First Things First: 3 Reasons Your First Home Should be a Condo

First Things First: 3 Reasons Your First Home Should be a Condo

Buying a home is stressful, especially if it’s your first house. A growing number of people find it a default of some sorts to choose condo units, whether as a single person or with family. Here’s why these types of properties are very appealing to first-time homeowners — and why you should choose it yourself too:

They’re affordable

Price is a major consideration for those buying properties for the first time. They want to be careful as much as they can in terms of the costs, as it’s likely their biggest investment so far. Plus, most newbie homebuyers are yuppies and starting families who are keen on saving up. You can very well benefit from the relatively cheaper cost of condos, compared to houses. In fact, property experts in Manila share that there are units priced below a million, which already let you enjoy high-quality amenities.

They’re accessible

Traffic jams have been a common reality for Filipinos, especially those living in Manila. It’s a problem that has robbed people precious time that could have been spent on more productive things, such as bonding with children or finishing up a marketing report.

When you’re trying to build a career or starting a family, you don’t have time for this traffic madness. Proscenium at Rockwell noted that this is the reason many parents and yuppies consider living in a condo in Makati or near central business districts where everything is within reach, from offices and schools to malls and parks.

They’re amiable

Contrary to what some people think, you can connect with neighbors in condo settings. In fact, condo communities are one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the country. That’s because people share amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and green spaces. This is most crucial when you’re a first-time homeowner. You want to feel welcomed and at home as much as you can in the community you’re in.

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The bottom line is condos are an ideal option for a first home, as they offer what first-time homeowners need — cheaper cost, convenience, and a community to belong in. Keep vertical living in your options.