The Business of Death and Dying in Spain

senior couple consulting about funeral planningRetirees have long been attracted to living abroad in countries such as Spain because of their warmer climate and relaxing lifestyle. Now, Brexit has led to even more people flocking there as they worry about future travel restrictions. People who have worked hard all their life often want to spend their hard-earned retirement in sunnier climes. Fears about future travel restrictions to other European countries due to Brexit have led to a rush of retirees going abroad before the 2019 deadline for Brexit. But what happens when someone dies on foreign soil? Many expats choose prepaid funeral planning in Spain.

Registering a Death

When someone dies abroad, the death must be registered with the local authorities. If relatives aren’t aware of the death, the British consulate can inform them.

Deciding on Funeral Arrangements

After registering the death, any next of kin must then decide on the type of funeral they want, whether they want cremation or burial and whether they want their loved one to be repatriated to the UK. If they choose repatriation, then they will need to have the body embalmed as this is a requirement for transporting a body internationally. An English translation of the death certificate is also required.

Hiring an International Funeral Director

Making these arrangements with foreign authorities can be daunting to relatives who are going through the grieving process. A prepaid funeral plan with an international funeral director will mean a lot. For example, prepaid funerals for expats in Spain only require a monthly installment plan or a one-off investment payment.

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Policyholders can choose the funeral arrangements they want. Should they wish to be buried in their home country, the repatriation will be taken care of, so their next of kin only have to worry about the business of grieving.

More Brits are living and dying abroad which can make funeral planning difficult. Having a prepaid plan and an international funeral director makes it easier.