E-Cigarettes: Why People Make the Switch

e-cigaretteIn order to discourage smoking and make people more aware of the negative effects of developing the habit, the medical community as well as cigarette companies themselves, use campaigns and reminders that cigarette smoking is dangerous to one’s health. Once someone is a habitual smoker, they have found it difficult to quit the habit until electronic cigarettes came into the picture.

E-cigarettes use vapor to release smoke and mimic the sensation of traditional smoking. But why do people make the switch? Read on to find out.

1. It is cheaper

To discourage smoking, taxes on cigarettes are at an all-time high. E-cigarette starter kits are not as costly. Investing in a good one will cost around 30-50USD and it will last a long time. All you need to do is buy the e-juice (the liquid that produces the vapor), which is reasonable when compared to the cost of traditional cigarettes.

2. It is safer

Nicotine is present in e-cigarettes albeit in small and adjustable amounts but tobacco is not. The absence of tobacco makes e-cigarettes less addicting and relatively safer than traditional cigarettes.

3. A step to quitting smoking

Sudden nicotine withdrawal can cause different side effects in the body. But with e-cigarettes, one can have the liberty of slowly reducing the amount of nicotine consumed every day until the habit is completely kicked out of the system. This is one of the reasons e-cigarettes are the top choice for people who want to quit smoking.

4. A community

The use of e-cigarettes is not only for smokers. E-juices come in different flavors, which allow people to enjoy smoking minus the negative effects. In fact, vaping is slowly becoming a popular activity and there are various vaping communities one can join. Are you thinking of making the switch and having your own e-cigarette starter kit? It could be one of the wisest decisions you will make.