How to Take Good Photos of Your Toddler at Any Studio

How to Take Good Photos of Your Toddler at Any Studio

Toddlers and babies are extremely cute, but also very difficult to take pictures of. This can get frustrating, especially if you want to document their every milestone and take loads of photos of them growing up.

Here, JayLynn Studios and other industry experts will give you some amazing tips on how you can keep your toddler still during a studio photo shoot, so you can get tons of cute photos of them.

Keep Them Comfortable

Children will most likely cry or move around if they’re not feeling comfortable. They can be irritated easily and have zero patience. Make sure to give them something to sit on, so they would feel comfortable during the shoot. You would not want to go around the studio trying to chase your kid, so keep them comfortable in a rocking horse, stool, bench, chair, or whatever they feel like sitting on.

Moreover, remember that some kids are shy when meeting a stranger. Make sure that they meet the photographers beforehand or at least have an idea who they are through a photo. Kids bring out their personality when around people they know or they know they can trust.

Bring Their Favorite Toys

Do not forget to bring their favorite toys during the photo shoot, as this will keep them steady and well behaved. You don’t have to bring the largest stuffed toy around, though. Just pick a small toy that they love and have them hold it during the shoot. This will easily light up their faces and give them an expression that the camera, photographer, and of course, yourself will surely live and treasure.

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Play a Game with Them

If you have a toddler that’s around two to four years of age, then this trick would most likely work. Tell them that you will play a game of “copycat,” wherein they would have to imitate everything that you will do. Show them the poses that you would want them to do and ask them to do the same. Sure, it might seem funny and embarrassing for you, but hey, you’ll get a few good shots and it’ll be worth it anyway!

Practice by having your toddler pose for the camera when you are outside or even in the comforts of your own home. The more comfortable they are in front of a camera, the better they will be in the studio!