Creating an Eco-Friendly Family Room That Fits All Ages

Creating an Eco-Friendly Family Room That Fits All Ages

Choosing a home can be quite the task, but it’s truly worth it when you find a winner. This is especially true for large families who require a safe and secure neighborhood that’s master-planned for a relaxing and comfortable lifestyle. Before the move, consider planning out a family room or den where every one of your loved ones can enjoy themselves whatever their age or gender.

Go Sustainable

Use environmentally-friendly paint and materials. Avoid using synthetics such as plastics and choose wood and textiles instead. Consider your materials’ temperature, conductibility, all-weather performance and durability before purchasing. Most of the new homes in Olathe have large windows so position your den’s furniture to maximize this feature. Natural lighting is still best since it has health benefits, lowers your utility bills and improves your home’s atmosphere.

Working With Wood

Speaking of wood, it’s one of the best materials for your flooring and walls since it contains carbon that continually cleans the air even decades after their installation. Consider buying wooden furniture just as long as they are well-cushioned and comfortable to sit or lie on. Your cabinets can also be made of wood provided that they’re fastened to the floor or wall, and kid-friendly corner fixtures have softened their corners.

Child and Adult-Friendly

The den should stay secure even if the youngsters use it without the adults. Install a soft couch, easy chair, cushions and rugs so the adults can sit and read while the kids romp and play with their gadgets. Install grown-up sized décor and fixtures that are pleasant to children. As mentioned before, screw all large furnishings to the floor and install corner guards in all adult-sized furniture. Finally, all electrical cords and sockets should be made child-safe while still usable by the grown-ups.

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Consult your planner and designer to utilize these suggestions once you’ve decided which of the rooms will be your family den. You can also use these pointers when planning out your younger kids’ rooms. With these practical tips, your youngsters will remain safe and sound while still staying active inside your new home.