How to Achieve an Inspiring Home Office and a Relaxing Guest Space

Young woman working from homeBeing productive in a home office can be a challenge with an inviting bed just next to the workspace while getting a good night sleep may be hard when there are piles of unfinished work in sight.

Achieve a space that inspires productivity during the day and, at the same time, a relaxing sanctuary at night with these key strategies.

Hide Away Office Setup

If having a home office is a bigger priority than a guest room wherein you see yourself using the home office more often and just need an option to host guests should you need to, then it makes sense to start your plans for a functional home office space.

A home office that doubles as a guestroom would need the usual considerations of an actual home office but with an additional feature: a system to be able to pack away files and workspaces. This would be key to maintain your privacy and promote a restful environment should guests need to come and stay for the night.

A typical home office can have a regular table for a personal computer set up and open shelves for files. However, if you also intend to use the space as a guest room, consider a foldaway desk that immediately makes room for suitcases.

Consider a laptop instead of a personal computer set up so you can continue working elsewhere should you have guests using the home office space. Moreover, instead of using open shelves for files, use cabinets with sliding doors and locks so you can keep your records tucked neatly away and out of sight.

Not only will this protect your privacy and personal affairs, but it also creates an uncluttered space for your guests to promote rest and relaxation.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind Bed

Working next to a bed can get challenging, as the temptation to take unscheduled naps becomes too great when the fatigue sets in. Remove this temptation by outfitting your guest room with a Murphy bed that folds away when not in use.

If a murphy bed is not an option due to limited wall space, consider rollaway beds and mattresses that can be neatly stored inside the closet. You can still provide your guests with a comfortable sleeping space that is out of sight and out of mind when you need to work.

An inspiring and productive space that doubles as a restful retreat for tired guests can be challenging, but it is completely possible using these key strategies. Try these out and get both uses out of one spare room.