Maine: Living in a Lake Wonderland

Maine: Living in a Lake Wonderland

Maine has over 6,000 lakes, most of which remain virtually untouched. These lakes are not only classic summer or fall destinations, but they also serve as unrivaled locations for residential and vacation homes.

A Four-Season Destination

The western part of the state, the Lakes and Mountains region, holds the majority of lakes. Stretching from the west along the New Hampshire border up to the north, this region is a perfect four-season destination. Each season beautifully unfolds in this region — from the vibrant colors of spring to picturesque snowcapped mountains of winter.

The region has a unique natural history, which is evident in its smooth rolling hills and mountains, as well as the many lakes (or “ponds” as Mainers call them) with pristine landscapes.

Quaint towns and picturesque roadways that never seem to stop also match the impeccable beauty of Lakes and Mountains region. Maine has a deep history, especially from the colonial times, that every ride along one of its old, beaten roads also feels like a journey to its past.

Lakefront Property Haven

Accessibility is not a problem in any of Maine’s lakes. Under Maine’s Great Ponds Law passed in 1647, all lakes with at least a size of 10 acres, also called “great ponds,” are in public domain. About half of the lakes in the state reach that size. The rest of the lakes, the smallest ones, can be owned privately.

However, the law does not tag lands along these public ponds as public property, so the public can buy these lands for residential or other development purposes. As such, Maine lakefronts have become a lucrative real estate option for buyers and investors, according to

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If you are in search of that perfect lakefront home in the middle of breathtaking sceneries — and in a state of history and quiet solitude —, you can never go wrong with Maine.