What Every Foreign Student in London Should Know

What Every Foreign Student in London Should Know

If you’re finally settled in earning your college degree in London, you’re much privileged since you’re about to study in what has been ranked as the best city for university students. To help you go through college and city life in London, here are the key things every international student like you should know.

Where to Find Student Accommodation?

Are you worried that staying in this city would cost you so much? Well, you may rest assured that you can secure a great but affordable student accommodation here in London. These places, which are also best for young working professionals, can offer you the freedom to live your city life the way you want, without you having to break the bank.

What’s the Weather?

While most people believe that it always rains in London, the truth is it does not. However, the weather can get really cold, so you have to make sure you’ll bring warm and wet weather clothes. This will even help you cut off on your heating bill. Also, don’t forget to keep your umbrella with you wherever you go.

What are the Modes of Transportation?

Whether you’re going to your university or any other place in London, you must be familiar with the modes of transportation here. Since London has the best-integrated transport system in the UK, travelling across the city isn’t complicated at all.

With a multitude of major train stations connecting students to their hometowns across the country, and huge amount of buses and trams driving through the streets any time of the day, you can get wherever you need to be, whenever you want.

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Knowing these important things such as finding the best accommodation, knowing the city’s weather, acing your essays, and getting familiar with the modes of transportation, should now give you a good background about London’s city and college life. Keep all these in mind and let them help you navigate your way into your new school and home throughout the university years ahead of you.