Modern Packaging Now Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Materials

Modern Packaging Now Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Materials

Packaging is part of the logistical needs of every company. This is how they transport their goods from the manufacturing plant to the retailers and then to their customers. When there’s a need for custom packaging boxes, the most common requirements include the need to reduce inventory costs and for an efficient merchandise shipment.

Packaging experts like Nash Packaging create containers that help with lightweight storage solutions, where customers can have a near-unlimited supply of containers for any unforeseen increase in demands.

Innovative Carton Packaging

The use of cartons, cardboard, paper, and other recyclable materials continues to grow and expand. Not only is traditional paper being used, but also other types of papers like those from banana stems and bamboo. Bamboo paper and carton products are more eco-friendly than styrofoam materials. These are inherently biodegradable materials compared to styrofoam, which is composed of petroleum-based plastic.

Alternative Materials

Banana fiber paper is another promising eco-friendly material. It’ estimated that up to 42 million tons of bananas are produced every year. When a bunch of bananas is harvested, the banana stem is also cut down, and this can be used to produce banana fiber paper. The banana fiber can be used to create shipping paper, cardboard boxes, and wrapping paper.

A foam alternative was also developed from sugar cane. The pulp of the sugar cane is considered a waste product after the pulp has been crushed. Called bagasse, this is used as fuel for electric generators and for other uses. Bagasse itself can be processed into another biodegradable container material.

There’s a lot of innovation in materials for packaging. Besides traditional paper products, bamboo, banana and sugar cane can also be used for container materials.