Highest Paying Trades in the Construction Sector

Highest Paying Trades in the Construction Sector

The construction industry is arguably the fastest growing, given the numerous projects coming up daily. In this sector, unemployment is virtually unheard of. Though there are many opportunities, having a trade experience is the best way to ensure that you always have a job.
There are many trades in the construction sector, as well as a shortage in the supply of skilled workers to handle them. PeopleReady, a staffing company that helps professionals find construction jobs easier, explains that builders will pay top dollar for workers with an expertise in some of these trades.

Here are the three most lucrative trades in the construction industry today:


These professionals handle a construction’s communication, power, and lighting systems, among other electrical components. No building construction project is complete without various electrical installations. According to recent studies, electricians have the highest job openings annually and this is expected to keep rising as the world shifts towards automation.

HVAC Technicians

Indoor comfort is a fundamental aspect in all buildings today. Installation and maintenance of a building’s air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems are some of the duties handled by HVAC technicians. In the past, HVAC technicians only needed some technical knowledge, but these days, most states require a license.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Construction projects typically involve that use of a range of heavy equipment, including compressors, excavators, bulldozers, and graders. Operators for these types of equipment are a necessity on construction sites. Heavy equipment operators are needed in all types of construction, including engineering and residential and commercial building renovation. They are also called construction equipment operators or operating engineers.

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While these are high paying trades, you will only get good pay if you find the right employer. Looking for a job alone might cause you to get a low payment and unfavorable working terms. A staffing company, however, has the expertise and industry knowledge to help you find the best pay and working conditions.