Bathroom Renovations: 5 Ways to Achieve the Modern Design

Bathroom Renovations: 5 Ways to Achieve the Modern Design

The bathroom is where you can find peace after a long day’s work. It’s important to keep it neat, clean and attuned to your lifestyle. If you think it’s time for a bathroom renovation, there are tons of modern design ideas out there that could be perfect for you.

You can look for suppliers of frameless shower enclosures in Northern Virginia (VA) if you want an elegant modern look for your bath. Or you can go all white to create a brighter wider bath space. Here are five more modern design ideas that’ll make you want to spend more time in the bathroom.

1. Build a bright-colored tiled wall.

You can choose turquoise, red, or cobalt blue tiles for one side of your bathroom just as an accent color. Match it with light neutral colors to make it stand out. It can give your bathroom the personality of a lively person.

2. Create a rugged country bath.

Match plank wood walls with whitewash cabinets and shades of blue. Bring in a plant and put it in the corner and use a wooden ladder as a towel rack. This all makes for a cool and natural bathing atmosphere.

3. Mix wood and glass.

These are two contrasting materials that go perfectly well with each other. Imagine having wooden walls and flooring and using glass as your shower doors and walls. It’s elegant, modern, and homey all at the same time.

4. Build your own spa shower.

You can bring the spa to you and enjoy it every day. Large shower heads that gently release water will go well with pebble flooring and a wooden sauna bench against the wall. Light some candles or diffuse your favorite mix of essential oils and you might find yourself spending hours in the bath.

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5. Go Zen with bamboo shades.

Nothing spells Zen more than bamboo. Installing bamboo shades can give your bathroom a taste of tropical peacefulness in your own home. Again, plants would fit perfectly with this design to give it a more natural feel.

Remember that your bathroom design should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. So, choose one that best speaks to your personality, and you just might find yourself spending the weekends just soaking in a bubble bath.