Location, Location, Location: Knowing If Your House is Right Where It Should Be

Location, Location, Location: Knowing If Your House is Right Where It Should Be

People often make the mistake of buying a beautiful home without considering the location. Yet, this is the one thing all real estate agents advise: location, location, location is important.

The location of your property affects your lifestyle and your home’s resale value. It’s the exact reason many downsizers are flocking to suburbs near the city, as they are closer to public transport, restaurants and amenities that can support their modern, ever-changing lifestyles.

Location matters a great deal. Here are some considerations that will help you determine the appropriate place to build your home.


When considering a location, it’s important to look at its geography — the general weather or climate, proximity to “lifestyle sites” such as parks and beaches, and accessibility to amenities. How will your proximity to these elements affect your current lifestyle and needs? If you’re a family with young children looking for real estate properties in North Melbourne, living close to school districts would be best. If you’re an old couple, a property that’s a 5-minute walk from the train station is ideal to support mobility.

Community Life

Deciding whether to live in the city or suburbs is also important, as it will dictate the kind of social life you’ll have.

The suburbs are often a close-knit community, the type of people who can host a barbecue party for you and have your kids over for a fun swim at their yard pool. In the city, where everything is fast-paced, you will meet a fresh batch of people in different places every day. They are more suitable for young adults who are looking to expand their networks.

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The most important thing to consider is safety. Learn about the crime rates in your area. Houses in high-crime neighbourhoods are usually more affordable, but would you risk your security for the sake of saving money? It’s far more costly to deal with a house ransacked by robbers than to buy a house at a safe location.

The location of your house is crucial. So, listen to real estate agents when they say: location, location, location.