A Guide to a Quick and Easy Hotel Room Renovation

A Guide to a Quick and Easy Hotel Room Renovation

Do that much-needed hotel room makeover today, the quick and easy way! Here’s a guide to help you get started.

To make it easier for you to plan your hotel room makeover, we divided these tips into two parts: one for the loo and another for bedrooms.

Toilet Renovation

1. Walls and Surfaces

The parts of the loo that’s usually missed out are its walls and surfaces. When they start to chip, crack and show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to repair or replace them. One option would be to switch from wall tiles to commercial-grade bathroom cubicle panels.

Bathroom panels are cheaper compared to ceramic tiles. They are also easier and faster to install and clean since they don’t require grout application. Also, bathroom panels are available in a wide array of colours, designs and finishes. It will be easy to create a fresh, new look and develop a pleasant ambience for your renovated hotel bathroom space.

2. Showers

Updating the hotel rooms’ shower system can contribute to your guests’ overall satisfaction and positive experience. So, if your guests complain of low water pressure and erratic temperatures in the shower, it might be better to install new water pumps and thermostatic shower valves. Pumps help increase water pressure, while thermostatic shower valves regulate temperatures.

Room Redesign

1. Linens, Pillowcases and Curtains

Merely changing the linens, pillowcases, and curtains of hotel rooms can go a long way to making them look and feel new. You can use various fabric colours and patterns and get creative with room themes. You may even personalise them for loyal and VIP guests. The best thing about this part of the makeover is it doesn’t demand too much time.

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2. Balance Colour and White Surfaces

While splashes of colours enhance a room’s aesthetics, don’t forget to add white. It complements other tones and balances the whole space, making it lighter and cosier. For example, you can, hang colourful curtains and paintings and match them with white walls. You can also do the opposite and use white curtains to allow as much natural light as possible. Also, incorporate white in your beddings and pillowcase designs.

These tips are proof that hotel room makeovers don’t have to be expensive or take much time and effort. Just follow them, and you’re on your way to making your renovation mission a major success.

Start the hotel room makeover today toward your guests’ wonderful and memorable stay!