5 Car Parts You Should Pay Attention To

Mechanic repairing the underside of a carCars aren’t just for show. Their main purpose is to transport people, which should only be fitting for them to be cared for by their owners. Car parts that need attention are the tires, the AC, the transmission, the windows, and the body since these parts could get broken.

Repair experts on the market help car owners with these parts, since fixing them requires special tools and training. Here’s a closer look at how each car part works and gets repaired.


Repair company HHH Transmission explains that this part of your car that people refer to as either manual or automatic. It’s responsible for transmitting power from your car’s engine to its wheel, basically allowing you to drive.


The wheels are composed of the metal part and the rubber tire that surrounds it. The tire has air inside it to make driving smoother, but it could get flattened by rough roads. The metal part of the wheel could also get damaged and stop moving, which a mechanic could easily repair.


Your car’s AC keeps the interior cool, eliminating the need to open your windows in humid or hot weather. When too much dust enters the AC system, it could get broken.


The windows or the glass parts of your car provide shade from the sun and protection from outside dirt. Forceful impacts to the windows could leave cracks or outright break them, which would require repairs or replacements.


Lastly, the body of your car is the metal frame that provides the shape of it. Car bumps or serious accidents could leave some unsightly marks such as scratches on it. This could be fixed by a repair expert.

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Car owners should be familiar with the parts of their vehicle that need to get repaired or replaced. Examples include the transmission, the body, the wheels, the AC, or the windows. You can do this in your own garage, but getting help from a repair expert should make things easier.