Employee Appreciation: 3 No-Nonsense Ideas for Honoring Your Employees

Employee Appreciation: 3 No-Nonsense Ideas for Honoring Your Employees

Happy employees mean better bottom line. Successful entrepreneurs know this too well, and that’s why many invest in team building activities, incentive programs, and even office renovations to create a happy workplace for employees. You’ve probably seen some of the coolest offices in NYC. Businesses have genuinely imbibed the employee-centric culture.

But what organizations really look forward to each year are employee appreciation events. While employee appreciation day is a holiday celebrated on the First Friday in March, some companies throw parties now and then to thank their teams and honor their efforts.

Should you consider organizing one soon, take these ideas in your planning session to create an event that will be memorable:

1. Awards Night

Recognize your employees in an actual awards night. The awards may range from the team who made the most sales for the year to the person who exemplified loyalty to the company by being in service for many years.

Encourage your employees to dress up: men in their tuxedos and women in their cocktail dresses. Have a red carpet laid out and photographers take pictures of your employees as they come. Just a reminder: the venue is a huge consideration here. Some hotels may be too expensive, so you may want to choose a corporate event space. NYC has so many venues you can check out.

2. Fun Game Day

If you want something more informal, you may host a game day. Plan activities you can hold in an out-of-town resort or trampoline park. Weeks before the big day, announce the teams so the excitement will build up.

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Or, if you prefer laid-back activities, go for board games or a trivia quiz. You may also rent a ping-pong or air-hockey table. Throw in some booze and pizza. Just don’t forget to open the activity with a word honoring your employees. After all, the event was created for them.

3. Special Lunch

Employee appreciation events don’t have to be that big. Again, the essence is to recognize their efforts. If you’re looking for a simpler option, you may take your employees out to lunch or have lunch catered to your office. Employees will surely appreciate this. Not only are their tummies full, but their hearts are, as well.

Your employees are your business’ best assets. Take the time out from work to recognize their efforts by hosting an event that’s dedicated to them.