Ceiling Options for Residential Basements

Ceiling Options for Residential Basements

Indoor spaces are becoming smaller and smaller daily. The need for extra space is at an all-time high. You need not look for space beyond your home’s four walls. You can transform the basement into a storage space, entertainment spot, or guest room to add into your indoor space.

Remodelling the basement is a task best handled by companies offering home renovation services in Auckland. This is because any mistakes with the renovation might interfere with utility connections or weaken your foundation. One area the experts will focus on when renovating the basement is its ceiling. Here are the types of basement ceilings you can choose for your home.

Suspended Ceiling

This ceiling comprises ceiling tiles and a metal frame. The tiles hang from the metal frame. A suspended ceiling is typically the easiest and cheapest to install since the metal used is lightweight. It also allows easy and fast access to wires, ventilation systems and other installations located in the basement.

Stretch Ceiling

Compared to the suspended ceiling, a stretch one is more costly but very aesthetically appealing. The ceiling is made of a PVC membrane which is stretched and clipped into your basement’s perimeter. Depending on your installation, the stretch ceiling can resemble curved or 3D panels and comes in various colours and designs for an artistic look.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

For home owners whose primary concern is noise control, acoustic ceiling tiles are the perfect solution. The tiles are installed in a grid-like structure akin to suspended ceilings. This makes it easy to remove a few tiles to access various utilities in your basement for repair and maintenance.

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Your ceiling can form the focal point of your basement’s look when chosen wisely and installed appropriately. Licensed contractors are your best bet to a quality ceiling installation regardless of its type. Ensure you check and comply with any regulations set by your local council before renovating your basement.