Achieve the Best Tile Layout Results by Following 3 Important Tips

Achieve the Best Tile Layout Results by Following 3 Important Tips

Currently, tiles producers are investing in product design resulting in a wide variety of tiles in the market. Homeowners are able to choose different colours and shapes which they imagine will give their homes a glamorous look.

With the advancements in the variety of tiles produced, installations have become a vital process. There is a need to ensure that the tiles are correctly fitted to achieve the desired results.

Adjusting tile sizes and shapes

Manufacturing companies produce tiles of standard sizes. It is likely that the tiles cannot fit smoothly especially around the corners. Diamond tools could be used to reduce the sizes or alter the shapes of the tiles as desired.

Care should be taken as tiles are brittle in nature and can easily break rendering them useless. Newer, more advanced cutting tools continue to be designed to make the process more efficient.

Surface cleaning

Before laying tiles on any surface, the surface to be used must be thoroughly cleaned. The purpose of cleaning is to remove any foreign material that may affect the adhesion properties of the patching material to be used.

It also prevents the appearance of cracks in the future. For wooden surfaces, sandpaper may be used to clear any unwanted coatings.

Actual laying of tiles

When laying the tiles, it is important first to ensure that the mortar has been mixed vigorously to obtain a close to a homogeneous mixture. The mortar should then be spread on the floor surface using a trowel. Trowels are preferred as they spread the mortar evenly hence ensuring that all the tiles will be level.

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Whereas a lot of effort is put in the selection of tiles, equal emphasis should be placed on determining the best tile fitting process. Otherwise, the result may be unattractive. However, when correctly fitted, the tiles will complement the walls of your house giving a breathtaking result.