The Types of Low Bed Trailers

The Types of Low Bed Trailers

Transporting heavy machinery to your construction site might significantly increase project costs. Rather than hiring out this crucial task, you can invest in a truck trailer. While this requires substantial cash investment upfront, the savings will be worth it.

The best option among the truck trailers you come across in an NZ shop is a low bed trailer. These heavy-duty haulers are exceptionally stable, safe, versatile and can transport loads of different heights since they are very low.

Here are the various low bed trailers you can opt for in your company’s projects:

Ordinary Low Bed Trailers

These trailers have a flat type cargo plate with only one drop. An ordinary low bed trailer cannot be used for transporting very tall cargo since the flatbed gives it a higher platform than other low bed trailers. Compared to other options, an ordinary low bed trailer is cheaper and longer, hence you can use it as a cargo platform.

Double-Drop Deck Trailers

These are, at times, called low loader trailers. Their primary characteristic is their low cargo platform. The back half of the platform is positioned lower than the front end, making some form of staircase structure. A double-drop deck trailer is very stable and can be used for transporting cargo with towering heights.

Removable Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck trailers have a similar low platform as double-drop deck trailers. The primary difference is that the rear part of the gooseneck, unlike the low loader, is detachable. This makes the loading of cargo onto the trailer extremely easy and convenient.

From the above-mentioned truck trailers, transport of your heavy machines to and from your construction sites is no longer an issue. The right choice for your company should be dictated by your budget, loading process and cargo dimensions. All the three low bed trailers above transport cargo weighing above 70tons. Now, all you have to do is choose which one best suits your projects.