The Real Costs of In-House Commercial Drivers

The Real Costs of In-House Commercial Drivers

Many businesses choose to outsource some jobs because they’re not core tasks. For example, a pharmaceutical company might get security guards from an agency. They wouldn’t hire and train their own. Security is important, but it’s not what they do. They’d rather leave that to another company that does it better.

The same is true for transportation. Driver staffing services from companies like Centerline Drivers may seem expensive at first glance. However, the real costs of in-house commercial drivers may show that outsourcing it is actually saving you money.


Driver shortage is a real problem today. Many companies spend about $3,000 to recruit one qualified commercial driver. Even then, they have a hard time finding one. One reason for this is age. Many qualified drivers are getting older. Those willing to work want high salaries and benefits. Another reason is e-commerce. People have their goods delivered instead of going to a store and buying them onsite. This means more products for drivers to deliver.


Another big problem with in-house commercial drivers is turnover. Because there is such a high demand for them, drivers tend to move around quite frequently. A company that loses a commercial driver after spending all that money on hiring, training and licensing can look forward to doing it all over again. The company can make the work environment too attractive for drivers to leave. However, that will mean more long-term costs.

Delayed Service

There’s also a cost to the delay in finding and hiring drivers. If a company is unable to deliver or transport goods or services, it means loss of income. If it takes a company a week to find a driver, for example, at least one vehicle is idle for that time. If the company has just the one driver, then it means no business for that one week.

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Given how hard it is to find and keep a qualified driver for your business, it’s a good idea to consider commercial driver staffing services. You can be sure you have a driver when you need it. All you have to worry about is paying the rates of the company for each driver.