3 Easy Ways You Can Storm-proof Your AC

3 Easy Ways You Can Storm-proof Your AC

If it were up to most people, the weather around the state would be fine the whole year round. But, the reality is that this is not possible, and sometimes every home must contend with storms. The damage to your outdoor AC unit caused by these conditions can be devastating. While you can do nothing to prevent storms, there are things you can do.

Here are simple ways to storm-proof your unit as advised by some HVAC contractors in Knoxville, TN:

Cover the AC Unit

When you suspect that a huge storm is about to hit your area, it’s a wise idea to cover your outdoor AC unit component. You can invest in a waterproof tarp that’s usually held in place by sandbags. The aim is to keep debris out of the unit and also protect it against hail. As soon as the storm has passed, you can uncover the unit. Keeping the cover on for too long can invite mold.

Remove hazards around the unit

Always keep in mind that it’s best to take precaution in the face of impending disaster. If you have advanced warning that your area is going to experience a storm, then check the area around the unit to make sure there aren’t any objects that could become projectiles. Clip any shrubs that could easily be entangled with the unit during the storm.

Invest in a surge protector

A surge protector for all your electrical appliances in your home can safeguard them in the event of lightning. Sure, installing the unit will set you back some money, but what is that compared to having to replace all the appliances, AC included?

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A storm may be upon your area one of these days. When it finally happens, it’s best to know that your AC unit is well protected.