The Cleaner Way to Enjoy Cigarettes

The Cleaner Way to Enjoy Cigarettes

Some people want to enjoy a cigarette, but they don’t want to inhale any of the 7,000 hazardous chemicals present in traditional cigarettes or put themselves at risk of cancer. E-Cigarettes or e-cigs are the smoke-free, cleaner alternative. Green Living encourages switching to a starter kit for e-cigs to move away from a harmful cigarette habit.

Health authorities have estimated between 4000-7000 harmful chemicals in cigarettes that are released when they are burned. More than 60 of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Of the 480,000 cigarette-related deaths in the U.S every year, 36% are due to cancer.

The Hidden Chemicals in Your Cigarette

Some of the nasty things hidden in cigarettes include:

  • Acetone – one of the main ingredients in nail polish
  • Arsenic – in high enough quantities it is deadly to both humans and animals which is why it is used in pest control products
  • Benzene – a component of fuel that has been linked to the development of leukemia
  • Carbon Monoxide – Present in traffic fumes. Exposure to it causes headaches and flu-like symptoms. In high amounts, it can kill
  • Formaldehyde – a component of embalming fluid, linked to leukemia and nasal cancers
  • Lead – a component in batteries, linked to cognitive disorders in children
  • Tar – used to make roadways, it lines the lungs and prevents them from working.

E-Cigarettes Have Fewer Chemicals

Electronic cigarettes don’t give off smoke. They emit cleaner vapors that don’t contain many of the harmful chemicals in regular cigarettes. For example, they don’t contain tar, carbon monoxide or tobacco. Ingredients in E-cigarettes include trace amounts of nicotine (not enough to cause cancer), vegetable glycerol, and propylene glycol. These ingredients do not produce smoke, which eliminates the dangers of second-hand smoke.

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E-cig supplies are available from vaping stores that cater to smokers who want to make a healthier switch but don’t necessarily want to give up cigarettes. With E-cigs they can enjoy cigarettes that are cleaner and kinder to their health.

In a nutshell, smoke-free cigarettes contain only a fraction of the chemicals in traditional smokes, making them a safer way to have a cigarette.