Smart Home Renovation: Recycling Options

Smart Home Renovation: Recycling Options

Embarking on home renovation may seem a daunting task. Whether you are a first time homeowner or a veteran of house improvements, you’ll need to budget well to stop costs spiralling out of control.  One option to reduce costs is to recycle materials, whether it is re-using bricks from a demolished wall, old floorboards or something more imaginative such as old bathroom appliances for landscape gardening. If you are unsure of where to start, and still on the fence over whether recycling is worth the effort, here are three common construction materials to consider re-using:


Wood recycling is boon to the environment. Imagine how many trees are saved when you decide to use existing wood for a home improvement project. Recycling encompasses a variety of wood ‒ from softwood doorframes and rafters to hardwood furniture and floorboards. If you are going for a vintage style, wood recycling is ideal. After all, the recycled wood is more weathered and worn than new cuts, giving a vintage appearance.


You can make your home improvement project much more interesting by using recycled glass. Recycled glass can be utilized to add a modern twist to a kitchen countertop, or in some cases put back in window frames.   But if you cannot recycle glass for your renovation, it has plenty of other uses in the construction industry once reprocessed. Some examples of recycled glass include building aggregates, decorative materials, a fluxing agent in bricks and ceramics, and as insulation.

Accent pieces

Make your home stand out by using salvaged items such as doors, windows, and even sinks.  Antique or colourful accent pieces keep your space fresh and interesting and can provide a unifying theme for your home.

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Major home renovation projects can make a dent in your savings. Turn to recycling to save on cost and help save the environment.