How to Keep Your Aircraft Clean: Spring Cleaning Your Plane

How to Keep Your Aircraft Clean: Spring Cleaning Your Plane

Whether you own a commercial aeroplane or a personal one, it still gets dirty and unsanitary after every use due to the people riding on it. Cleaning it now and then is definitely important.

And today, maintenance expert Flinders Aviation will give you some tips on spring-cleaning as well as aircraft maintenance in Redcliffe.

Fix the Aeroplane’s Interior

Give the interior some love by cleaning it and fixing it the way it is supposed to be. Get rid of any used and dirty trash rags (you can also put them in the laundry) and restock every item in your plane, such as batteries, flashlights, and checklists.

You should also vacuum the carpet as well as the seats and clean the panels and the windows from the inside to make sure that you remove the fingerprints and stains.

Check for any Problems

You should always check your plane from the inside and out, and make sure that it is a hundred percent problem-free and safe for use. Look for signs of corrosion, leaks, and especially mechanical issues. You should also inspect your propellers for damages such as gauges and nicks, as well as missing hardware.

If you see any problems, then go ahead and call your aircraft maintenance team right away to have it fixed ASAP.

Check the Tires Pressure

One of the most important parts of an aeroplane is its tires. Cold temperatures can make your tire pressure lower, especially if you leave it out in the parking area for a long while. You can use a pressure gauge to ensure that your tires’ pressure is all okay and properly inflated.

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The best way to maintain and repair your aircraft is by calling in a professional to do it. This will make your flights safer, and your plane last longer.