The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Cleaning From Expert Window Cleaners

The Do’s and Don’ts of Window Cleaning From Expert Window Cleaners

If windows give us perspective of the outside world, what does the outside world see when it peeks through your windows? You certainly wouldn’t want dirty windows in your house.

Aside from being an aesthetic eyesore, cleaning expert states that filthy windows can practically inconvenience you by making it hard for you to check on what’s happening outside.

Here are some do’s and don’ts provided by experts when it comes to window cleaning.

Vacuum the window’s surroundings first

Vacuuming removes the dust and dirt near your windows. This enables you to wash them without worrying about particles sticking onto the wet surface. This also has the added benefit of having a cleaner room to match freshly-cleaned windows.

Avoid cleaning your windows in sunny weather

If you expose wet windows in direct sunlight, it will dry faster and leave some stains. Experts recommend that you wash windows on cloudy days or any weather without direct sunlight.

Don’t wipe your windows with paper towels or newspapers

Using paper material to wipe windows dry will leave lint or small paper pulp behind. To prevent this, you should check if the cleaner is using soft towels to wipe windows clean. This is the recommended way.

It’s better to use non-toxic cleaners

Whenever you use window cleaning formulas, make sure to use those that aren’t toxic. With non-toxic cleaning formulas, you won’t have to risk both your loved ones and the environment from getting poisoned or polluted.

Different windows work with varying cleaners of windows because not every window is of the same glass. This is why you should use the right window cleaning formula to maintain the quality of the glass.

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This also means you should get the right window cleaner – a person or team trained to handle window washing. Once you follow this guide, you’d see a clearer perspective on what makes a window perfectly clean.