3 Easy Tips to Make Job Interviews Faster

3 Easy Tips to Make Job Interviews Faster

There is every reason to make your interview processes quick and effective. You probably know that great candidates do not wait. So the longer your interviews take, the higher the likelihood that the quality of your hires will decrease.

That, of course, does not mean that you do not vet your candidates thoroughly. But you certainly need to speed up things by changing a few aspects of the process. Here are three tips to do that.

Do not interview too many candidates

One of the ways to keep the interview process short is by calling only a handful of candidates for the interview. You can achieve that by pre-screening candidates, so you weed out unsuitable ones early enough.

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Have a plan

Often, interviews take unnecessarily long because of not having an interview plan in place. It is important that you establish from the beginning which people will be involved in the interview process, what methods to use in the process, which questions to ask and so on.

Sometimes you can even choose to interview candidates through video if that makes things faster.

Slash time between interviews

Things really take a lot of time when it comes to the interviews themselves. Make sure that interviewers do not take unnecessarily long to schedule interviews. Also, avoid dragging feet in between interviews. Do not have too many interviews scheduled days apart.

It is best that all decision makers are present on the same day, so you make hiring decisions promptly. However, it is important that you do not cut corners when it comes to reference checks.

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Hiring faster has its benefits, especially in terms of attracting top talent and saving resources. It is something that you can achieve whenever you need to hire, as long as you are committed to it.