4 Tips to Help You Manage Your Orange Orchard More Effectively

4 Tips to Help You Manage Your Orange Orchard More Effectively

Oranges are probably among the fruits with the highest demand in the world. Oranges are a great source of vitamin C, which is why it is popular among health-conscious people. This level of popularity is probably the reason you’ve invested in an orange farm.

Whether you want to grow more oranges or address a few farm issues, here are four tips that can help you manage an orange orchard more effectively:

Buy quality harvesting equipment

Harvesting is one of the most important functions you have to attend to in an orchard. You have to make sure that the fruits are harvested properly so that they will look appealing and healthy when sold in stores. Harvesting equipment will be able to help with this. For instance, buy a trailer-mounted cherry picker, which ensures maximum mobility and accuracy while your employees harvest at tall heights.

Prune conservatively

When orange trees are still young, prune them so that they will have a strong structure as they grow. This will also help the trees withstand strong winds and bear more fruits. Not everyone knows how to prune properly, so be careful with how you do it or better yet, hire professional pruners to do the job.

Kill off pests

Pests can affect your yield negatively. Look out for these pests, including the erinose mite, which can cause leaves to blister. This pest can also decrease the chances for your orange trees to bear more flowers and fruits.

Be smart about tree spacing

Tree spacing is an important aspect of orchard management, as well. The ideal space between orange trees is at four to nine meters, so make sure to observe proper spacing in your farm.

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A big majority of the world’s supply of orange comes from groves or orchards. If you play your cards right, you will be able to form an empire that will produce a lot of oranges that will be the envy of other farmers.