3 Major Honeymoon Disasters You Need to Avoid

3 Major Honeymoon Disasters You Need to Avoid

Planning a wedding is stressful. The last thing you want to do after getting married is going back to the daily grind. You need time to unwind and enjoy each other’s presence. Therefore, a honeymoon should be next in your plans. Before anything else, however, make sure you don’t encounter all these horrors.

Not booking way in advance

Get everything covered as early as possible, from hotel rooms to airport transfers. Confirm your booking again as the day is nearing. You just need to remind them that you’re coming since overbooking, especially in hotels, happens more commonly than you think, according to the hospitality blog of Cornell University.

Booking too many activities

You may be two physically active individuals and you like being where the action is. As you’re on your honeymoon, you may want to have some quiet time to be alone together. Alpenwild.com and other travel experts suggest seeing the best of the alps and spending the next day on your hotel bed in robes and ordering room service.

Not being able to budget properly

This is not the time to be spontaneous. Create a spreadsheet for your honeymoon budget. Make sure you consider everything, from the length of your travel or stay to the meals you will eat and the activities you will do. Geoff Williams, a contributor to US News on Money, stresses how important it is to allot a fund for an emergency.

No one can tell you what the perfect honeymoon is. It depends on your preference as a couple, whether you want to explore busy cities, be in the mountains, or sunbathe in beaches. Make sure you plan carefully to avoid major disasters and to make it memorable, though.