Trucking Industry Launches Efforts to Allow Younger Millennial Drivers

Trucking Industry Launches Efforts to Allow Younger Millennial Drivers

The U.S. trucking industry has undertaken efforts, such as graduate licensing programs, to allow Americans below 21 years old to drive a truck.

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Millennial Drivers

The minimum age for a truck driver in the U.S. is 21 years old before they can cross state borders. However, some industry programs seek to provide those at least 18 years old to become a commercial driver. Despite the long hours and busy schedule, not all Millennials are hesitant about taking on a job as a truck driver.

Instead, the need to wait at least three years after graduating from high school likely serves as the biggest obstacle. Most people can’t afford to wait that long, as they already want to earn money after graduation. The solution on allowing younger drivers could help in replacing those who are about to retire, as the average age of a commercial truck driver is around 55 years old.

Shortage of Drivers

Aside from retiring workers, a growing demand for freight shipments also puts pressure on the industry to recruit more people. Based on an American Trucking Association report in 2017, there is a need for nearly 900,000 new drivers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that more than 108,400 of those drivers should be hired by 2026. However, this seems a tall order since truck drivers rank as the 10th most difficult jobs to fill in the U.S. for 2018.

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The trucking industry’s endeavor to solve the workforce and skills gap marks a step in the right direction. Companies should focus on how they plan to add their fleet of drivers, such as seeking help from a recruitment agency.