Types of Efficient Underwater Pool Cleaning Equipment

Types of Efficient Underwater Pool Cleaning Equipment

Keeping your swimming pool clean is essential. This, however, isn’t a stress-free task since your pool has many hard-to-reach areas. Leaf traps and skimmer nets might remove leaves and other debris, but more is required for your pool’s walls and floors.

The equipment needed for this cleaning is costly in upfront maintenance costs. What you can do instead is hire professional pool cleaners in Plano, TXHere are some of the equipment these experts use for pool floor and wall cleaning.

Pressure washers

These machines allow the use of high-pressurized water streams to remove impurities and stains on your pool floor and the surrounding surface. Pressure washers have an attached chemical injector that pushes cleaning chemicals directly on pool stains. The high pressure of the water stream then dislodges the stains, leaving your pool sparkling clean.

Pool wall brushes

Pool walls are often the dirtiest. Blended stainless-nylon and PVC wall brushes are all used to get rid of mildew and algae stains on your pool’s walls. They also scrub out all impurities and stains and leave your pool walls sparkling. They have curved ends, and long lightweight handles for maximum access.

Cleaning-diving units

This heavy-duty underwater breathing machine facilitates cleaning of pools that are too deep or wide to access from a pool’s side. The machine also allows inspection and repair of any parts of your pool.

Pumice stones

Pumice is a porous lava stone that has a significant role in removing localized pool stains and deposits on concrete inground pools. Scrubbing using pumice works wonders in removing berry stains, calcium deposits, and cement stains on tile or plaster. The stone is also used for scrubbing out black algae heads.