3 Team Building Activities That Work

3 Team Building Activities That Work

Depending on what is planned, team building activities can either bring your employees closer together or have them rolling their eyes. Sometimes, the problem is that companies go overboard. Common complaints people have is that team building activities are often put far out of town and for too long periods—a no-no for those with families. Here are three great ideas for team building activities in Charlotte, NC that are sure to be hits.

Be chill

Many teams will be happy with something as simple and intimate as a dinner and a few drinks at a nearby watering hole. You can include a few fun party games to keep things lively and enjoyable, but it should be about generating conversations, especially those that revolve around things beyond work. Encourage people to get to know each other more than anything. That’s the central idea behind this team building activity.

Be fit

If you want to encourage fitness as part of your team building activity, then you should try indoor sporting activities. Badminton is one of the most popular options in this regard. You can have more experienced veteran players teach the beginners and engage in a friendly and fun tournament. If you want something more challenging, mystery puzzle rooms are another option that is gaining prominence.

Be both

Finally, miniature golf is a great way to combine both a relaxed atmosphere where people can talk and have a good time while still having a level of fun competition. The great thing about mini-golf is that it allows all to join, even those who aren’t particularly active or fit. This makes your activity more inclusive and accepting of the diversity of your team, which is the most important aspect of team building activities to begin with.

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These are just some of the sure ways you can encourage your employees to get to know one another better and feel more comfortable working with each other, boosting efficiency and productivity in your office.