3 Crucial Things You Usually Forget to Clean in Your Office

3 Crucial Things You Usually Forget to Clean in Your Office

Time is money, and there are a few other places where this phrase applies more than in the business world. There just never seems to be enough hours in a day. With entrepreneurs so engrossed in their tasks, keeping the office thoroughly clean is sometimes forgotten. And even when you set aside some time to scrub the office, these three areas usually go unnoticed.

Undersides of furniture

Moving heavy furniture to clean every part of the office can seem like a huge task, but it’s something you need to do occasionally. You’ll be shocked what is usually trapped at the bottom of your chair seats, cabinets and tables. If the job seems overwhelming, you can always get help from a reputable firm offering strata maintenance and cleaning services in Sydney.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants, whether real or made of silk, are a common sight in modern offices. Unfortunately, they are usually ignored during cleaning tasks, leaving them to gather more dust. To clean your live plants, take them under a showerhead or wipe the dirt off using a microfiber cloth. You can use a hair dryer to blow off the dust from silk plants, but set it to cool.

Cleaning tools and equipment

Ironically, your vacuum cleaners, brushes, mops and buckets are usually forgotten while cleaning other things in the office. Yet dirty cleaning tools and equipment will hardly keep your clean your surfaces effectively. Set aside some time to empty the debris cup in your vacuum and give the cleaning tools a thorough scrubbing before allowing them to dry.

A squeaky clean, nice-smelling and well-organised working space is a welcoming place for your clients and a healthy area for your employees. By devoting some time to cleaning every area of your office, you can build a great reputation for your business.