Something Borrowed: 6 Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding

Something Borrowed: 6 Things You Can Rent for Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, it pays to know that some things are better to rent than buy. Keep in mind that you don’t have to allot a big budget and throw away your money just like that, especially for items that are too expensive and you’ll only need for one day.

Après Event Décor & Tent Rental and other wedding rental companies in St Paul, MN noted some of the things that you should consider renting for your big day:

Tents and lounge furniture

Tents are essential if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Tents can keep the guest shielded and protected from the rain, sun, or wind. It is also wise to rent couches, coffee tables, and armchairs for family rooms or guest-gathering areas

Tables and chairs

You’ll need a number of tables and chairs for various functions, such as the ceremony, reception, and cocktail party. It’s best to mix tables of different shapes and sizes, as well as different wedding chairs types to maximize the available space.

Linens and napkins

Table linens are available in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrication, so you can choose the ones that suit the theme of the event. You can mix and match, as well as consider those made from luxury materials.

Dinnerware and glassware

These should include serving plates, chargers, utensils, bowls (for deserts), wine glasses, highball glasses, and water glasses. You can also be playful and chic with your dinnerware by choosing colored plates or gold-rimmed plates and wine glasses.

Lighting and electricity

Stylish pendant lamps, vintage chandeliers, and metal lanterns can set the mood for your event. You may also need to rent a generator, especially if you’re having a backyard wedding or hosting the event in a rural area.

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Décor and photo booth

Essential wedding decorations include vases, floral arrangements, vintage items, and other pieces that match your wedding theme. You should rent a photo booth, which can be open or closed. The latter style is a good choice if you want something nostalgic and classic.

By renting, you can possibly save some dollars and allot more money for other essential wedding elements. Be sure to finalize all your rental plans are few months before the big day.