Perfect Camouflages For Your Public Marriage Proposal

Perfect Camouflages For Your Public Marriage Proposal

Marriage proposals can be done privately, but there are those who are willing to brave the possibility of rejection amidst a sea of familiar faces. If you happen to be one of those who dare, then consider the following themes. They are perfect for hiding your secret well until that special moment arrives.

The Birthday/Anniversary Bash

We’ve all seen this scene in the movies: A birthday or anniversary date at a fancy restaurant where you ask the Maître D’ or head waiter to put the ring inside her champagne glass or her dessert. However, try a backyard birthday party complete with friends, family and a buffet. Put up a screen and show a homemade video featuring your memorable days together. After the film, get down on your knees and propose.

Campus Reunion Camouflage

This is perfect for childhood sweethearts who still connect with their classmates. Setup an actual school reunion on your campus or a party venue near your Alma Matter. Invite close family members too and hide them until the right moment arrives. Go through the whole reunion program then have the host call you both to the stage. Don’t forget to choose from a line of vintage engagement rings from Finecraft Jewellery in Hatton Garden for this particular proposal.

Wine Tasting Party

Besides it being a wine tasting party, you can change the theme to suit your future fiancée’s hobby. It can be turned into a family potluck, a cooking showdown or a cake bake-off. Be as imaginative as you can and invite your guests with care. Remind everyone to bring their food/ingredients/drinks so it would look believable. Feel free to be the one to drop the ring in her dessert or drink near the end of the celebration before you propose.

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Fortune favours, not only the bold but also the prepared. Whatever the outcome, you will know that you have made an impression on her, and one that she’s not likely to forget. Just remember to keep your proposal plans to a very select and close few to reduce the chances of ruining the surprise.