What Makes a Good Hostel? Here are Some Qualities

What Makes a Good Hostel? Here are Some Qualities

London has a host of affordable accommodations for every budget traveller. There are London hostels that come with private rooms, as well as those that allow sharing for even less money. However, one may wonder what makes these hostels great aside from the price.

Are they good alternatives to even the most affordable hotel rooms? There are several things that make them just that.

A Cosy Common Area

A good hostel is nothing without a great common area. Keep in mind that these establishments often house travellers from all walks of life. These people love a good chat and making new friends. A simple, comfortable, and inviting common area is perfect for socialisation.

At times, even the kitchen is communal. It’s what makes a hostel one’s home away from home.


Hostels don’t get a lot of love because of rumours that they’re unkempt. This isn’t true for most. A good hostel is clean and has daily housekeeping. One only needs to look around the common area, the kitchen, and the bathroom. If these areas are spic and span, then it’s a place worth staying at.

Location, Location, Location

It’s all about convenience these days, and hostels are no different. The closer a hostel is to major sights and sounds, the better. A hostel located in the heart of a major metropolis is popular for a good reason. One can also choose something that’s quieter and further away from the hustle of the big city.

This is the beauty of hostels – there are choices for almost everyone.

Friendly Staff

What’s a good hostel stay without the friendly staff? One’s trip isn’t complete without a group of genuinely smiling faces at the door. Friendly hostel staff can also give tips as to how to save money on public transportation and attractions. This will make anyone’s vacation all the more worthwhile.

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These are some of the must-have qualities of a great hostel. Make sure you book in one that has at least three of these, and you are all set.