Dangers of Fire at the Workplace and Keeping Everyone Safe

Dangers of Fire at the Workplace and Keeping Everyone Safe

Safety should always be at the core of every organization’s long list of operational policies. There are just so many factors that can increase the risks of injury- and even fatality-causing accidents, all of which business owners and managers should address. And, of the biggest, most dangerous workplace hazards, fire is the top contender.

It’s for this reason that safety signs for fire extinguisher locations play a major role in achieving success when it comes to your organization’s safety policies.


Signs, at their core, serve as a medium for relaying a message, whether in the form of marketing or simply to spread information. As such, they won’t do anyone any good if no one notices or sees them.

And in a high-risk environment such as work sites, and this can mean all the difference in safety. Unfortunately, many organizations still fail in this area.

Signs that go unnoticed, especially when they notify people about the locations of fire extinguishers, can (and have had) result in many preventable injuries and even worse incidents.

Proper and strategic placement

Displayed at the right, highly visible locations, safety signs can protect and save lives. Of course, the design itself of the sign also contributes greatly to its visibility.

When people can see them immediately, they can know right away the location of the nearest fire extinguisher, and just as importantly, the emergency exit. They can then vacate the premises as soon as possible, exiting out of the potentially burning building to safety.

Preventing injuries and keeping staff and guests protected from the hazards of fires and other workplace dangers are achievable goals, given that your organization has the right safety policies in place. And, as part of a robust safety program, the use of highly visible safety signs should be a priority.