Why You Should Enjoy More Mexican Food Now

Why You Should Enjoy More Mexican Food Now

There’s an old age question about Mexican food: Why is it so good? Many strive to look for the answers, although a lot more are content to just continue enjoying it. And then there are some who are just happy and contented to serve up and feed those who love food originally from the South.

The good news is, right here in Alexandria, VA, you’ll find Mexican food that isn’t just great-tasting, but authentic too. So, worry not when you get the cravings, as you can easily satisfy them with some of the best and most popular dishes from this beautiful country. And just in case you need more reasons to eat more Mexican, here are a few:

Only the freshest ingredients

Authentic Mexican recipes are a notch above the rest because of their ingredients: Genuine fare consists only of the most carefully-picked fresh ingredients. This cuisine has just the right combination of meats, vegetables, and fruits. And while the cooks prepare them in a simple manner, it’s actually for this reason that you get to enjoy all the great flavors and nutritional content of the ingredients.

So many options to choose from

This has a lot to do with the fact that Mexicans love variety in their meals, so they’ve served them up traditionally in smaller portions. Smaller servings mean more options, which then means exciting food adventures. From tacos to enchiladas, and from street corn to nachos, you have a lot of chances to try out different items on the menu without making your stomach suffer.

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Healthy choices

Again, authentic Mexican food comes in smaller servings, meaning lower risks of overstuffing yourself. Aside from that, the cuisine isn’t all about massive doses of carbohydrates, calories, or fats. The great thing about Mexican fare is that most dishes consist of all the essential food groups, and many of them boast of nutrient-rich ingredients.

These are just a few of the many other reasons why you should eat more Mexican, but they should be enough to make you want to have it for lunch or dinner now.