Different Kinds of Dump Trucks for Different Kinds of Jobs

Different Kinds of Dump Trucks for Different Kinds of Jobs

Since its invention during the Industrial Age, the dump truck has become an invaluable resource in everyday life. From construction to manufacturing and even mining, dump trucks fulfill the need for transporting supplies, materials, and cargo over large distances.

If you need dump trucks in your business, many companies are available for truck hire in New Zealand. But before you pick any random vehicle, please know that not all dump trucks are the same.

Kinds of Dump Truck

Standard dump trucks are the most common kind of dump truck. These are trucks with a hydraulic ram mounted between the cab and the truck body. Standard dump trucks have one axle in the front and one or two more axles in the rear.

Standard dump trucks are good because of their manoeuvrability but are prone to get stuck in soft soil, making them ideal for construction and not mining operations.

Side dump trucks are gaining more popularity, especially in large-scale commercial operations like mining and construction. The cab of a side dump truck tilts sideways (hence the name) allowing for faster unloading.

Side dump trucks also have the largest capacity of any of the dump trucks but this comes at a price: its size and length make it the least manoeuvrable of all.

Transfer dump trucks are trucks pulled by a separate trailer. The separate trailer is powered by an electric motor allowing it to travel independently while serving as an additional cargo hold. This allows for more loads to be carried in a single trip without sacrificing manoeuvrability.

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Dump trucks have come a long way from the steam-powered trolleys of the 19th Century. Constant innovation has allowed them to transcend our need and transport our resources. Picking the right kind of dump truck can spell the difference between carrying a little and carrying a lot.