Office Chairs: What Are Your Options?

Office Chairs: What Are Your Options?

The look of your office speaks to your professionalism or lack thereof — even the chairs. However, office chairs are not just a design statement; they are also a way of providing comfort to your employees and visitors alike. They promote good posture and comfortable interaction.

A decent office workstation will have chairs fit for a certain purpose. Of the many available options in the market, you must be able to decide which chair is best suited for your needs. Here are some common choices:

Executive chairs

As the name suggests, the seats are often used by top executives in most companies and tend to be very expensive. They have wheels and casters that can turn in any direction.

They come with a padded armrest and a high backrest made of foam and covered with leather. You could adjust the backrest to suit your preference.

Guest chairs

If you have a busy office, you need to provide your visitors with a place to sit. Guest chairs could be immobile, adjustable and flexible in their design. They are often made of wood or plastic. Although, you may look for some metal ones if you like.

Additionally, you could have guest chairs custom-made to complement your office or to reflect the kind of services or products you offer.

Task chairs

This type of chair is the most popular because of the simplicity of design. Like executive chairs, they have wheels and casters so that you can swivel to your pleasure. They are also foam-lined to make them comfortable and adjustable for convenience.

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Many things make the office look the part, ranging from the wall painting to the professionalism of the employees.

However, a chair placed in the wrong location could give the impression of unprofessionalism. Besides, the wrong chair could be what is wrong with your meetings — why people are sleeping or why the chairs keep creaking at the most inopportune moments.