Protect Children from HFMD in Playhouses

Protect Children from HFMD in Playhouses

Public playhouses offer relief to parents who want to complete tasks without having to worry about where to leave their children. There could be times, however, when children could suffer from illnesses from playing in those structures.

One of the various ways of childproofing a playhouse is through carpeting. However, it could become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) to children, Crystal Clean Maintenance notes.

Ensuring Children’s Safety

Unsanitary playhouses could cause illnesses, and children could have already contacted HFMD if they suddenly become weak. Another sign is if blisters are starting to appear in some body parts.

Note that there is no vaccine against HFMD, and treatments may vary, depending on the infected area. It is important for parents to ensure proper hygiene of their children after visiting a playhouse or any public facility with a carpet. Establishment managers must thoroughly clean carpets through the steam cleaning method to effectively remove dirt and allergens.

Proper handwashing before eating is also important. HFMD is easily transmittable through contact. Playhouse staff should have a keen eye for detecting kids who could have signs of HFMD, which they could easily pass on to other kids.

Invisible to the Naked Eye

A group of virus passed through exposure to an unsanitary environment often causes HFMD. Children are often affected because they have a weaker immune system, and they put their hands in their mouth a lot.

Carpets could merely look clean through vacuuming and sweeping, but these do not eliminate harmful bacteria, mold and other irritants, which often the naked eye cannot detect. Toys should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, too, to eliminate disease-causing viruses in playhouses.