5 Simply Awesome Tips for a Comfy Yet Productive Office Space

5 Simply Awesome Tips for a Comfy Yet Productive Office Space

More often than not, our room situation affects our mood, creativity, and productivity. To remedy this, we transfer to other areas that would fit our preference. It can be a bit tedious, so why not just remodel your working space, and turn it into a space that reflects you and brings out the best in you.

Here are some tips from onlineofficefurniture.com that can help you build the office space of your dreams:

1. Pick the right location.

You’d be spending a big chunk of your day in this space, so don’t be hard on yourself, pick a better part of your home or office. Check if such space encounters foot traffic or if its noise would be something you can tolerate. Consider every detail.

2. Function is your priority.

Your desk, shelves, storage, and tools should serve you. They should be functional and not just a display. Before you order office furniture online, consider which suits your type of work.

3. Invest on your throne.

Since you would be spending a lot of your time in your space, it would be best to invest in an ergonomic office chair. These chairs don’t come cheap, but it would definitely be worth it.

4. Position your technology right.

Ergonomics would play a huge part in positioning your technology. Improperly positioned monitors can make your neck ache. Monitors should be placed at eye level and far enough that when you extend your arm only your middle finger should touch the screen.

On the other hand, your keyboard and mouse should be two inches above one’s thighs. If not, adjusting the chair would do, but make sure to have a footrest to keep your feet comfortable.

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5. Inspire yourself.

Create your shrine. Put up some art, memorabilia, or precious photos that can motivate you to work and get yourself together.

Setting up an office space that fits your needs and personality is essential to productivity. Plan the changes. Your choices don’t have to be grand, and it just has to be suitable for your requirements.