Your Pomsky Fur Care Guide

Your Pomsky Fur Care Guide

Pomsky is a new line of dog breed that is becoming popular because it is a hybrid of two equally lovable breeds, a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Since it is a hybrid, characteristics from both Huskies and Pomeranian will be seen in a Pomsky. Pomskies are also known for its fur.

Pomsky puppies and adults alike need to have proper fur care to make sure that they remain not just fluffy but healthy as well.

Tips on caring for Pomsky fur:


Bathing is a must for every dog. The frequency, however, will depend on the owner and the need. If your dog came from a walk in the park and is dirty, then a bath is in order. If your dog is relatively clean and mostly stays indoors, then a bath at least once or twice a month will be enough. You should be careful of the water temperature as well as the shampoo you use on your Pomsky. Shampoo recommendations from your vet are usually the safest bet.


Regular brush your Pomsky’s fur. Not only do they like it, but it also makes the fur less-tangled and increases your dog’s blood circulation. Plus, it is a good bonding moment between you and our pet.


Fur is a Pomsky’s crowning glory. Make sure that a professional groomer gets to trim your dog’s fur regularly. Regular grooming and clipping will prevent skin infections that both Huskies and Pomeranians are prone.


What your Pomsky eats will manifest in its fur. Choosing natural food, or something that you prepare and not canned will usually result not just to healthier puppies, but better and healthier fur as well. But, it is important to conduct intensive research and seek your vet’s approval before doing so.

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If you’re caring for a Pomsky or planning to have one, you should know that these energetic furry friends will change your life. Make sure you take care of them with the help of these simple tips.