Little Things You Can Do to Regain Efficiency at Work

Little Things You Can Do to Regain Efficiency at Work

After working in the same office for so long and doing the same things every day, chances are there will be times you’ll feel jaded later in the day. That is mental fatigue, and you would surely want to get rid of it.

Don’t despair. There are some little things you can do to avoid it. They don’t even have to be technical activities — just simple, easy-to-do things, which cost little or nothing at all.

Take a short walk

Take some time for a walk outside to smell the flowers, breathe fresh air, or simply watch people go by. The idea is to take your mind off your work for a while and give it rest. Alternatively, you can go to a refreshing environment where pleasant surroundings will calm your mind. You can even do your work right there if your manager will allow it.

Have a cup of hot coffee

It is common knowledge that drinking coffee can boost energy and make you alert. Additional benefits are that it sharpens your memory, it is high in antioxidants (which fight damaging agents in your body), and it improves your mood. If your workplace has coffee machines, the better!

Engage in a friendly chat

Much like taking a walk, a short chat with friends will take your mind away from your mentally-demanding work. The topic doesn’t have to be serious. Something light to talk about is even better. Make it more relaxing and enjoyable — it will replenish your mental energy for when you go back to work.

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There are other things you can engage in that will serve the same purpose (e.g., meditation, listening to soft music, watching a fun TV show). The important thing is to cut stressors and go back to work regenerated.