Trick or Treat: 4 Safety Tips for Your Young Ones

Trick or Treat: 4 Safety Tips for Your Young Ones

Halloween has to be the most anticipated holiday kids look forward to besides Christmas. Who would not love a holiday that celebrates giving out free candies and dressing up as their favourite characters, right? As your little one takes their rest in toddler cots for daycare, think about the different ways you can make this Halloween safe for them:

Keep Your Youngsters Close to You

When your young ones are out trick-or-treating, they should always have adult supervision. If you can’t come with them, ask another parent or your friends to take them. Older children should be in a group together and call home or check in regularly.

Stick to the Curfew

Follow your neighbourhood’s curfew time and stay within areas that have a lot of homes. This way, your youngsters could get as many treats that they can possibly have. Arrange a time when they need to get back home and ensure that they call you if they will come later or if something happens.

Know Where the Party Is

Ensure that you know the specific route your children will be taking if you can’t come with them. Keep reminding them that they should not stray from their assigned route, so you are aware of their location. In case they want to attend a school event or a community function, request for all the details. If they are going to one of their friend’s home, make sure that you meet up with their parents first and ask for their contact details.

It’s All About the Costume

Choose a costume for your youngsters that will be safe. Avoid sharp props that might cause injury to themselves and others. The hems of their costumes should be some inches above the ground to prevent the chances of tripping. Use reflective tape, flashlights, and glow sticks to make your kids more visible.

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Follow the above tips to guarantee that they look forward to the next one.