Top Questions to Ask Potential Truck Drivers

Top Questions to Ask Potential Truck Drivers

Hiring the right truck driver for your business is crucial since he or she would be a vital part of your business operations. When interviewing a prospective truck driver, you should go beyond the typical interview questions and ask the following to see if the candidate is fit for your company.

What will you do if you’re late for delivery?

Yes, sometimes things happen, and it’s not the driver’s fault. It could be because of bad weather or perhaps because the driver was stuck in traffic because of a road accident ahead. Although you want your deliveries to be delivered on time, this crucial question would help you in determining the lengths of which your prospective driver would represent your company or if he or she would break some laws just to blame something or someone else.

How will you handle an angry or aggressive client?

Proper shipment handling and on-time deliveries are among the most top priorities of your company. Sometimes, a truck driver might encounter a confrontational client because of late or damaged deliveries. But the driver must always keep in mind that he or she represents your company, especially when interacting with clients. The answers of the driver must ideally demonstrate how to properly act in confrontational situations without disrespecting your client and exacerbating the already tense situation.

What will you do if you get into an accident?

Safety is one of your top concerns. But if the driver gets into a bad road accident and it’s his or her fault, it could easily put your company’s reputation in a bad light, not to mention potential legal troubles. Some drivers might just go on their way if no one got injured, while others might handle the situation according to company policy. You need to determine if the driver’s responses are in line with the safety standards and ethics of your company.

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As you can see, you could use each of these questions to explore a candidate’s character better. So keep these open-ended questions in mind when recruiting a truck driver to help you find the right candidate for your team.