Commercial Building Owners: Don’t Overlook Concrete Sinking

Commercial Building Owners: Don’t Overlook Concrete Sinking

According to K&E Flatwork, most commercial building owners in Kansas City have the same concern when it comes to their property – It is the many possible problems that can arise from sinking concrete. There are just so many things that can go wrong when these issues develop.

That fact alone can compromise safety should already prompt owners to seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

Worst Case Scenario: Serious Safety Hazard

It’s crucial that you work with a Kansas City concrete specialist as soon as you notice sunken areas of the building’s sidewalks, parking lots curbs and other concrete slabs. Don’t overlook these symptoms. They can cause serious safety hazards to anyone using the facility.

The longer you delay their repairs, the greater the potential damage they can cause. In the current litigious society the repair costs could be small compared to the liability of slip and fall cases.

Determine Danger Areas in Concrete Structures

The sooner you establish the existence of concrete sinking or other similar issues, the fewer safety risks you have to worry about.

Cracks and fractures of the concrete itself may already indicate that an area has sunk.. Furthermore, if probing areas with chipping or flaking quickly results in damages, this means the material has already started deteriorating.

Immediate Concrete Repair from Qualified Contractors

Contact a highly reliable and qualified concrete contractor at the first sight of a serious sign of damaged concrete. Just as you cannot ignore concrete sinking, you mustn’t shrug off uneven or heaving slabs. This will prevent further damage and ensure everyone using the facility remains safe from potential accidents.