Contemporary Trends in Office Furnishing You Should Know

An Office BoardroomIn the April edition of leading furniture magazine Furniture News, statistics revealed that just within the last thirteen weeks on 2016, there was a decline in sales of home furnishings. However, the news was positive for outdoor and home office furniture with 17 and 4 percent growth registered, respectively.

While this indicates an increasing emphasis on adaptive offices furnishing, it also highlights the opportunity to buy or purchase boardroom furniture that meets contemporary trends.

Considering the projected labour growth of 0.7% between 2010 and 2020 in the United States alone, it is obvious that top-notch workforce talent is shrinking. One of the most important factors in talent retention is, therefore, a work environment that meets their needs and productivity requirements.

Here are just three of the trends so far dominant this year.


One cannot overemphasise the dominant influence of millennials in the sphere. Millennials are demanding fewer cubicles and more collaboration. This means that furniture placement needs to be adapted to the office space and their needs.

For the high-level meetings, it is necessary to buy boardroom furniture that matches the office environment.


There is increasing integration of nature within the furniture design of contemporary offices. Features include the use of salvaged wood and other natural elements that connect with nature.

Additionally, furniture like sit-stand desks and areas within the office that allows for great lighting, airflow, comfort and privacy are fast becoming the norm.


Many companies are now demanding office furnishing that reflects their core values. This always requires the engagement of office furniture professionals that can understand the company’s core values and translate them to furniture that speaks to staff and clients alike.

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The contemporary trends may change but within those changes, expect to see refreshing and mutually beneficial innovation. Companies are not only investing in the effort to buy boardroom furniture, but they are also revamping the entire office outlook for the better.