SEO-friendly Website: 3 Strategies on Writing Title Tags

SEO-friendly Website: 3 Strategies on Writing Title Tags

Your title tag is an important part of your overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Google will use the title tag in understanding what your web page offers, so they can send appropriate online traffic to your page. Your business (like a jewelry store) website should, therefore, have a highly efficient title.

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Include Your Keywords

The title tag should contain your keyword so Google identifies the search queries it should present your page for. Using non-branded keywords and those that are relevant to the content of your interior pages will help direct more traffic to your site. Strategic keywords need to be descriptive and not merely a copy of the headlines on your other pages. Do not fall into the trap of over stuffing your keyword to the title. Remember to keep everything simple.

Keep the Title to 60 Characters

Your page title should contain 55 to 60 characters only to avoid having them cut off by Google and other search engines. Remember that capital letters and spaces make a difference. It’s advisable to omit fewer characters because if you stuff in every single character, Google may penalize you. Be sure to use proper spacing, formatting, and punctuation.

Vary Your Page Titles

Google might lower your ranking if there’s a repetition in your page titles. Use different titles for similar products to build a good SEO. However, make sure the titles are relevant and not merely random words. For instance, if you are selling gold necklaces, you can vary the titles with the inclusion of editions, occasions, and designs.

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You should repeat your keywords while letting them sound as natural as possible. Ensure your content resonates with your title.